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I Rubbed Cheetah Blood On My Server

So in case you couldn’t tell by the 500x speed increase around here, I’ve finally moved over to the new VPS server on SLHost, and let me tell you, I am extremely happy with the switch. It doesn’t pain me to come to my own site anymore (I can only imagine the curses you were calling down from me over the internet)! Everything actually loads, I don’t get weird Lost Server Connections in Safari, and hopefully I won’t have 264 unreachable URLs in Google Webmaster Tools anymore! So again Netfirms, it was a fun 7 year ride or so (except that past year), but I’m glad I made the switch and I love the increased flexibility of the VPS.

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Netfirms Pretty Permalinks Plugin for WordPress Release Extravaganza!

Fear not fellow Netfirms users! I’ve heard your cries and it brings me great joy to release my plugin to enable pretty permalink functionality that the rest of the world seems to enjoy, all without hacking a single line of code! For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on it, download it here:

Netfirms Pretty Permalinks 1.0 beta 1

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Hello Server

Just a quick note today about a website upgrade that will be happening soon. Laure Axiom Design Works and I have bought our own VPS over at SLHost the other day, so I’ll be officially transferring off Netfirms before November. Netfirms, it’s been a good 7 year ride, but I just can’t stand the slow MySQL servers and your weird mod_rewrite abnormalities. So I’m taking my ball and going home… well, not really, but you get the idea.

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OpenID Enabled

I just wanted to post a quick update that is now OpenID enabled. That’s right, because has always been on the bleeding edge of new technology trends (or at least we might have been back in 1999, when yes, we were partying like it was 1999), all you OpenID kids can actually prove your identity, and post as yourselves. Killer!

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Man, what the heck. It’s like I turn around for one second and BAM! It’s been two months since my last update, and if that isn’t bad enough, it’s also the start of a new year. Whoa… It’s like I was time travel’n or something! Oh well, I’m sure the December holiday season was pretty hectic for all of my most favorite internet viewers out there as well (that’s you chief) and you really didn’t miss me all that much… or did you? Oh you guys! You’re so sweet.

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