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Facebook: We Own You

So Laure pointed this out to me the other day, and I have to say, it is pretty ridiculous. It seems as if Facebook updated their Terms of Service with new language that basically says we own your content forever, neenier neenier poo poo, there’s nothing you can do do.

I’ve never been a fan of any social site’s TOS, that’s why I haven’t placed any of my videos on YouTube, or really even posted anything on Facebook other then my shoe. But this certainly takes it to a whole new level, and hopefully the community will continue to question Mark Zuckerberg and won’t let his lame answer slide.

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Project:Fracture Launch

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to announce that Laure and I have launched a new website, Project Fracture! This makes the sixth site we’re currently hosting on our SLHost VPS (without a hitch I might add… even on the smallest plan).

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Happy Spring Roll

Happy spring everyone! Yes, I am quite aware that it has been “officially” spring for quite some time, but for those of us in Pittsburgh, it is finally just really starting. That’s right, it isn’t -35º F anymore (even though it was like 39º F this morning), trees are becoming green, kids are outside playing sports… Ah! It’s just fantastic. That, and it’s been sunny for like the past week, which never happens out here. So for those of you sitting inside and playing video games (which I normally would heartily endorse), get out there and enjoy it before it’s 105º F and your face melts.

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Kid Tested, Good Mommy Approved

Salutations readers! (Geeze, Joel that was nerdy) So it’s official, I am really really bad at updating. I was recently looking at my archive for 2006, and I think there are maybe 5 posts total for the entire year… It doesn’t even split onto two pages (so embarrassing)! So as to not embarass myself as much this year, I plan on updating at least more than 5 times (1 page break, here we come!)… and I am already half way there! Score! But no, in all seriousness, I am going to update as much as humanly possible, and don’t forget about commenting! I will respond to you within a couple of hours… except on weekends. Then I’ll probably wait until Monday so it looks like I have a life even though I’ve probably seen your comment and I am just ignoring you, but that’s besides the point. I am around and alive, so if you want to hear my hilarious banter between updates, you can also post a comment. Come on! You’ll like it!

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Man, what the heck. It’s like I turn around for one second and BAM! It’s been two months since my last update, and if that isn’t bad enough, it’s also the start of a new year. Whoa… It’s like I was time travel’n or something! Oh well, I’m sure the December holiday season was pretty hectic for all of my most favorite internet viewers out there as well (that’s you chief) and you really didn’t miss me all that much… or did you? Oh you guys! You’re so sweet.

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