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Secure Adium IM Logs

Maybe like me, you’re lucky enough to be able to use a Mac at work. And maybe you’ve been lucky enough to convince your boss to use some type of IM protocol like Jabber so they don’t have send those two word emails that when you read makes your head go, what the?! Then you fire off a reply only to wait 5 hours to get any type of clarification, giving you only 15 minutes to do a job that you should have had all day to do (well, actually, you still get those emails, but that’s besides the point).

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My Netfirms Permalinks Are Pretty

[This post it outdated! Please see my WordPress plugin that enables pretty permalinks. This post is for informational purposes only]

OK, so this is mostly for any other users who maybe on Netfirms like me.

For some weird reason, Netfirms does not support “pretty” permalinks in WordPress, despite the fact that they claim to have Apache mod_rewrite enabled (Maybe because AllowOveride isn’t enabled, who knows). That’s why for the last month all of my links have been that crazy, ?p=123 or whatever the heck the post number was. Well, after Netfirms Tech Support was of no help (as usual), I decided to do my own research and hack around a bit. 5 hours later, viola! Pretty permalinks!

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