Project:Fracture Launch

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to announce that Laure and I have launched a new website, Project Fracture! This makes the sixth site we’re currently hosting on our SLHost VPS (without a hitch I might add… even on the smallest plan).

Project:Fracture is a new college and career ministry Laure and I are helping out with for Murrysville Community Church. As always, Laure has created a wonderful design (see more at Axiom Design Works), did the Flash animation, and I did all the markup, WordPress integration, and Google Calendar integration for the site. I was able to use Simple Pie for the Google Calendar integration via RSS, and I have to say it was pretty easy to do (once I figured out the RSS feed Google gives you by default is neutered, and you need to consult the API Documentation to return the full data that is needed for an events feed). This was also my first install of WordPress 2.5, and I have to say it is very nice. I need to get all my other blogs updated to it as well.

I’m very pleased to see how well the VPS has been holding up! For the past couple weeks, I was having some slow DNS issues, but once support tweaked my resolver file, things have seemed a lot speedier. Also, I had them switch me over to the new VPS Optimized version of cPanel, which has been great! At my old job, we had a reseller account at HostGator, and their install of cPanel was really fast. Now mine still isn’t as fast, but it is at least 10x better. So I’m please, and I think everything is still plenty snappy thanks to some good MySQL caching, eAccelerator, and Apache 2. I’m know sysadmin yet, but I am pretty comfortable tweaking settings, and performing general mayhem on the box! 🙂

So click on over to the site, and check it out! Also, if you’re a college or career person, come on out for the group! Our first meeting is Thursday, June 12th.

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20080609 10:22

And after you click on over to Project:Fracture, make sure to visit to make my Google Analytics show some fancy graphing!!


20080610 08:24

Love the new site! Keep up the good work. You two are awesome!

Tommie Lassalle:

20090427 04:54

Thank you for your help!