Check Your Server Time

OK, so this was something that has been bugging me for a few months now. Obviously, not too bad since I just corrected it today, but let me tell you, it sure was annoying! So for the past couple months, I haven’t been able to log into certain PHP scripts using Safari on my VPS (WordPress was one of the culprits). No error, no “wrong password” message. Just hit login, and BOOM! Back to the login page again.

I could log in fine with Firefox, so I thought maybe it was just some weird setting in my php.ini or an issue with a login plugin I use for WordPress. So being my incredible lazy person that I am, I just decided to just switch over to Firefox to login to those couple of apps, and the world kept on turning.

Well, today I decided to update PHPMyID, a great, lightweight personal OpenID server (because everyone’s on the OpenID bandwagon now). So when I went to test it, I couldn’t login anymore with Safari. Now this was affecting my everyday life browsing, so I thought I’d better get to the bottom of it.

After studying my php.ini file, and Google searching my little heart out, I finally came to the solution. It seems as if my server time was 23 minutes ahead of actual time. So when PHP was trying to set the cookie to initialize the session, it was immediately timing out!

So let this be a lesson to you. Make sure your server time is correct, or weird things can happen. Oh, and something about poo too.

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20080119 02:16

dude, i like how you added the last line about poo for old time’s sake. it’s like it’s 2002 all over again! am i still the goddess of the forum even if there’s no forum?


20080119 02:20

You’ll always be the goddess of my forum! 😀

Long live the goddess of the Forums! (even though the forums are dead)