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Project:Fracture Launch

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to announce that Laure and I have launched a new website, Project Fracture! This makes the sixth site we’re currently hosting on our SLHost VPS (without a hitch I might add… even on the smallest plan).

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Netfirms Pretty Permalinks Now Supported By Netfirms?

I had a couple of posts today regarding 404 errors popping up with my Netfirms Pretty Permalinks plugin. As I’d mentioned before, I’ve actually switched off of Netfirms, so I wasn’t able to confirm or troubleshoot the issue until tonight (big thanks to Seth at for allowing me access to test).

After an hour of trying to get WordPress to even upload and install (FTP kept timing out, and the install page was littered with MySQL Server Has Gone Away errors), I can confirm the following:

  1. It seems as if Netfirms has updated their servers to support WordPress pretty permalinks out of the box
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Check Your Server Time

OK, so this was something that has been bugging me for a few months now. Obviously, not too bad since I just corrected it today, but let me tell you, it sure was annoying! So for the past couple months, I haven’t been able to log into certain PHP scripts using Safari on my VPS (WordPress was one of the culprits). No error, no “wrong password” message. Just hit login, and BOOM! Back to the login page again.

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