I Rubbed Cheetah Blood On My Server

So in case you couldn’t tell by the 500x speed increase around here, I’ve finally moved over to the new VPS server on SLHost, and let me tell you, I am extremely happy with the switch. It doesn’t pain me to come to my own site anymore (I can only imagine the curses you were calling down from me over the internet)! Everything actually loads, I don’t get weird Lost Server Connections in Safari, and hopefully I won’t have 264 unreachable URLs in Google Webmaster Tools anymore! So again Netfirms, it was a fun 7 year ride or so (except that past year), but I’m glad I made the switch and I love the increased flexibility of the VPS.

Just as a heads up, I put up my old Coppermine gallery, but I know none of the videos work in there. So I haven’t decided whether or not I just want to take the whole thing down or not. All of the other content that is directly related to this blog should be up, but if you are one of those people who like to find hidden gems from yesteryear, well, I didn’t upload any of my old files, so they are now gone (come on, it was like 4 GBs worth!). I guess you’ll just have to pay a visit to the Way Back Machine for your jollies now.

If you find anything else that isn’t working but should be, please let me know or just leave a comment here, and I’ll get to working again lickity split. Thanks!

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