Hello Server

Just a quick note today about a website upgrade that will be happening soon. Laure Axiom Design Works and I have bought our own VPS over at SLHost the other day, so I’ll be officially transferring off Netfirms before November. Netfirms, it’s been a good 7 year ride, but I just can’t stand the slow MySQL servers and your weird mod_rewrite abnormalities. So I’m taking my ball and going home… well, not really, but you get the idea.

What does this mean for you? Not much, other then this site should see a pretty big speed improvement after the switch, and if you use Safari like me, you shouldn’t get those “Lost Network Connection” errors that I get every 5 seconds. Hooray!

For those of you who are using my Netfirms Pretty Permalink Hack for WordPress, well, obviously I won’t be able to test it with new versions of WordPress after November. I’ll write up the instructions again in a more clear, concise manner, and I’ll even try to get a plugin out (which, I don’t think is technically possible now that I think of it, it needs to edit the classes.php file), but other then that, I’ll just be able to try to help on the sidelines.

Anywho, I’m going to write a longer post once I get the new server all setup, but at least now you know that I am indeed alive, and well, and yes, married. Wicked.

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