Happy Spring Roll

Happy spring everyone! Yes, I am quite aware that it has been “officially” spring for quite some time, but for those of us in Pittsburgh, it is finally just really starting. That’s right, it isn’t -35º F anymore (even though it was like 39º F this morning), trees are becoming green, kids are outside playing sports… Ah! It’s just fantastic. That, and it’s been sunny for like the past week, which never happens out here. So for those of you sitting inside and playing video games (which I normally would heartily endorse), get out there and enjoy it before it’s 105º F and your face melts.

I know, I’ve left you all alone for a while again, but for this time, it really is a good reason (not like all those other times. I was just a jerk then…). Now you know normally, I don’t use as a portal into my personal life (even though it may seem that way this year), but for those of you who do check here for updates on my life, it brings me great joy to announce I am getting married! Yes ladies, you can stop sending me assorted pies and dried meat, because this über geek is taken. Also, if that wasn’t enough, we’re also right in the middle of closing a house. Yeah, fun stuff. But that’s all I’m going to say about it. If you really want more details about the wedding, or even the house, you can visit the dedicated website at Oh OK, one more thing. The wedding is on June 22nd, 2007 in beautiful Pittsburgh PA.

Here’s a little bit of history for you Joelika stalkers out there. Last year at this time, I was 7,724 miles on the other side of the world (if you fly over the north pole) on a road heading back to Zhongdian in China. I was part of a crew heading back to finish some work before flying back to Kunming, Bejing, and finally back to the old US of A. I’ve included a nice google map so you can see where I was (which by the way, is crazy because that part of China has more high quality imagery on google then central PA! If you zoom in all the way, to the bottom right on the hill is the largest prayer wheel in the world.). It’s kind of amazing to think that just one year ago, I was on the other side of the world. I saw a lot of really cool things while I was there, but one memory that always sticks with me was when we were in a little café in Zhongdian, they had a world map printed in Lancaster, PA hanging on the wall. It’s a small world… a small, small world (and I now owe Walt $5).

Obviously, things are going to be pretty crazy for the next two months, but I’ll make every attempt to post. And of course, I’ll post it up after the wedding and house buying. I have a pretty neat RSVP PHP script I wrote for that I will probably share, and I really should get my China pictures up from last year. But until then, enjoy spring!

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