OpenID Enabled

I just wanted to post a quick update that is now OpenID enabled. That’s right, because has always been on the bleeding edge of new technology trends (or at least we might have been back in 1999, when yes, we were partying like it was 1999), all you OpenID kids can actually prove your identity, and post as yourselves. Killer!

For those of you who don’t know (which was me until I had a lot of dead time last week), OpenID is an emerging technology that allows a users to authenticate to a number of different sites with only one username and password. Think of it like .NET Passport, just less sucky and completely open. Another way you can think of it is kinda like the mark of the beast, but it just holds less information and contains a lot less sixes. But no, the cool thing about OpenID is the ability to host your own OpenID server and manage your own identity, so it gives you the user all the power.

If you are curious to learn more, you can visit for some wicked confusing explanations of how when Alice meets Sally blah blah blah. If you want to signup for an OpenID, but don’t want to bother with managing your own OpenID Server, check out and sign up for your very own OpenID. If you want to be like me and host your own OpenID, then checkout the lightweight phpMyID. Oh, and the WordPress Plugin that makes it all possible is by VerseLogic (I always like it when other WordPress users share what they have going on in the backend… And no, not in that way either).

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