Kid Tested, Good Mommy Approved

Salutations readers! (Geeze, Joel that was nerdy) So it’s official, I am really really bad at updating. I was recently looking at my archive for 2006, and I think there are maybe 5 posts total for the entire year… It doesn’t even split onto two pages (so embarrassing)! So as to not embarass myself as much this year, I plan on updating at least more than 5 times (1 page break, here we come!)… and I am already half way there! Score! But no, in all seriousness, I am going to update as much as humanly possible, and don’t forget about commenting! I will respond to you within a couple of hours… except on weekends. Then I’ll probably wait until Monday so it looks like I have a life even though I’ve probably seen your comment and I am just ignoring you, but that’s besides the point. I am around and alive, so if you want to hear my hilarious banter between updates, you can also post a comment. Come on! You’ll like it!

So I guess I could write an entire update of excuses again about why I haven’t updated since January, but I feel as if our relationship as graduated beyond that. You as a reader will except me for who I am, and we can be honest with each other because we are secure in who we are as a team… Team Joelika dot com dot love. (Come on, bring it into hug station) That, and I actually have something more interesting to write about, which is more of a shocker to me than probably anyone else, trust me!

So I don’t know how many of you are into website creation, but that is how I spend the bulk of my time at the office (shocker). A couple months back everyone’s favorite Goooogle introduced Google Webmaster Tools, which is a slick front end to Google’s sitemaps and to a slew of other tools that help webmasters retool their websites so it will have the highest PageRankā„¢, and therefore that coveted number 1 search result spot (It’s like the holy grail!).

Another cool feature in Google Webmaster Tools is a tool that shows you all the pages, found by Google, that link to your website. Now, I’ve been conducting this Joelika train for quite some time, but officially on the domain since 2000. At the time, I was still in High School, so I’ve been picked up by a number of website directory listings that have me categorized under Teens. But what I didn’t know is I have also been picked up by a number of website directories that list appropriate websites for children or families such as

I personally find this hilarious since I don’t necessarily cater to the family market, but I guess it’s not like I’m posting naked pictures of myself screaming expletives while coding. Maybe I need to work harder on my bad ass image, or no one is going to be afraid of the steel knuckles… Or maybe, just maybe, I could use this oppertunity to black mail Good Mommies everywhere by asking for thousands of free chocolate chip cookies in order to keep my site Joelika nude free!

Calling all Good Mommies… Good Mommies… send me 50 billionty chocolate chip cookies or you’re children will see a side of Joelika they have never witness before!!! Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh wait… that will never work. Never-mind.

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