Man, what the heck. It’s like I turn around for one second and BAM! It’s been two months since my last update, and if that isn’t bad enough, it’s also the start of a new year. Whoa… It’s like I was time travel’n or something! Oh well, I’m sure the December holiday season was pretty hectic for all of my most favorite internet viewers out there as well (that’s you chief) and you really didn’t miss me all that much… or did you? Oh you guys! You’re so sweet.

Well anywho, here’s a quick recap of what you missed in my life the past two months: Work work, Turducken, work work, people quitting, work work, Christmas party extravaganza, potato spud shooter, work work, you don’t get a bonus, work work, work on your break, new year… and we’re back. See, not to much, mostly work, as usual. We were dealing with this crazy client who wasn’t satisfied until they took a perfectly good online store and made it 95% less functional… but hey, at least he paid us to break it (and even sent us a nice little fruit basket with a bacon flavored cheese ball to boot! Mmmmm!). Remember, the client is always right, especially when they have no idea what they are talking about and you have to sit on the phone for 2 hours and explain what a function is.

So what’s in store for the year 007? Well, other than ultra sexy explosions and the year of the Apple, be on the look out for Axiom Design Work’s and my latest project,, some pictures from my trip to China, a new gallery with my videos posted that might actually match the rest of this site, and possibly a new design (Truth be told, I am already pretty sick of this design, but this is coming from the person who changes their desktop background practically everyday). Oh, and if you were holding out hope for my Simple Mailing Web App, well, you better look for something else, or pay me to develop it. I’m no longer a part of the group I was developing it for, so I don’t really have any motivation to continue. However, it was a great learning experience in MVC layout and general ajax trickery. I’ll use a lot of what I learned on new projects, especially

But there’s a short update to what’s been going on the past two months. I’ll update later with more information about choice topics. But until then, Happy 007! See you back here soon.

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20070103 12:06

Oh, no! You’ve given away the name of our top secret project that’s not very secret at all!! Now the millions of fanatics will kill the bandwidth on the We Are The Message site… We’ll be forced to upgrade, and, by extension, I’ll go broke.

Oh well… I guess that’s the life of a non-profit. Maybe I can rope some people into helping me at a fraction of their normal fee and then yell at them for not doing exactly what I say even if they know better than me.

Wait a second… That’s not me. That’s aforementioned client from Hades.

randy aka. rusty:

20070216 06:30

its been just about forever. What’s up? Your site looks great; I was just browsing the archives, and being self absorbed as I am, clicked on some old Rusty links. Oddly enough they led to a page with picture of a horrified Rusty and the words, “the world sucks” Interesting.

So were you at that reunion last summer? I was gonna go, but didn’t. Had to work, blah, blah, blah. Lame excuse, I know. So anyways, hope to hear from you sometime.

Kurtis Strock:

20070218 12:17

hey what up
i hope you will get this message
and i hope you remember me
if you don’t, just go back to Albright College, freshman year… Final Project, “the videogame junkie”
anyway, i watched that video and had to contact you to see what you have been up to since i talked to you last… which was… i can’t even remember when
drop me a message sometime soon so we can catch up
i hope life is treating you well
take care

– Kurtis
i can’t remember my forum name… was it k murder?

Johnny Alien:

20070219 07:59

I went to that site and there is nothing there!! Where is the secret??? I have not seen you in 3 years!!! Why do are families no longer holiday as a hobby??? Why do I have so many exclamation points and question marks??!???

This site has no tables and makes me feel warm inside.

Please visit as I have a child and can go nowhere!!!


20070219 10:05

@ randy aka rusty: Hey bud! I was wondering if you were still alive, or if you were finally eat by the bog people or whatever. Hey, I don’t know why you choose “the world sucks” as your last update before I redesigned without the columnist, but I guess you can still get to it from some old links. I need to pull everything down and burn it to a DVD so I can clean off a lot of old content. If you knew what you were doing, you could probably get to pages from 2000!

@ Kurtis Strock: This is like the day of seeing old friends! It was great to catch up! It’s a good thing we had a solid platform to build our gaming skills on, unlike those 12 year olds today… Oh yeah, and your forum name was k^murder 🙂

@ Johnny Alien: Rusty and Johnny posting comments within days of each other? Geeze, this is more updating action from two former columnist then what happened in 2 years of vintage 2000!

No, nothing is there yet because I haven’t had time to devote to it. Must have something to do with working 80 hours a week and getting engaged. But I hope to have something up in running this year, so I’ll keep everyone updated.

Yeah, I don’t know. I think when it was only cute for Collin or Owen to spread food all over their faces and no longer me (I’m a chubby bunny!), I just didn’t know what to do anymore… and now there’s Luke too… what’s a 23 year old who looks 5 supposed to do?!?! I can’t compete with all that baby cuteness!

Whatever, you should come out to Steel City… we can go to the Dawn of the Dead mall in Monroeville… :-p

Johnny Alien:

20070220 06:58

Yeah!!! Thanks to your tips I found old articles of mine from back in the day!

I am like a blogging genius! This stuff is gold. You need to go back to “writers” format and bring me back. The public demands it.

I will see what I can do about coming to Zombie Central with the kid it’s tough!

And speaking of which I have been grooming him on a steady diet of video games. nothing but Nintendo DS and Wii for this kid. And the kicker!! He’s really pretty good. And at the tender age of 4. My goal is to breed a gaming prodigy to take out Devon.


20070221 10:08

All right Johnny, this is just for you. Here are some more aged links to help you reminisce! These won’t be up forever. Like I said, I plan on pulling all of this soon.

This link will let you navigate the old site from 2000 – 2001!
[ circa 2000 – 2001 ]

Here is a link to all your old archived posts:
[ Johnny Alien Archive ]

As you can see from the archive link, even though it would be a hoot to go back to the old writers format, most of my writers only wrote like 5 times over the span of two years! I maybe bad at updating now too, but at least I updated 5 times in 2006 :-p

I’m glad to hear you are raising the next video game prodigy… Devon really needs someone to take him down a notch. I think next time we are together, we need to pit the against each other to see how much more training your son needs. Then he can stand on his head and levitate your Wii and DS in the air as I talk about the ways of the D-Pad…

Johnny Alien:

20070221 07:05

Hahaha!! I forgot about the beached whale.

Also I posted way more than those articles. There is like a year missing or something.

Johnny Alien:

20070221 07:05

PS…after I make a comment the loading animation is hot. Way to go Joel. It’s all in the details.


20070222 05:01

Well, those are all the articles I have in a database… We didn’t start running the archive script until late 2001, so anything before that is lost for eternity… Unless you can find a random post in the way back machine from the internet archive.

I’ve really been getting into a lot of ajax at work (and I’ve done a lot more for projects that will never see the light of day). I did the live search to the right myself, but the new ajax comment system is from another wordpress user. I just had to modify it to work with my theme (that, and I made it so it doesn’t delete your comment after you post, because 2/3 times Netfirms drops the MySQL connection). I like the forms I did for work a little bit better. Check this one out. Ah, Xajax and jQuery are my friends!