Enemies of Metal

Well, it’s been a week since I’ve launched the new, and ever so improved, so I felt as if it was time to write a new post for you utter enjoyment. Over the past 6 years I’ve been creating, I have always made it a point to not update about my personal life. Oh sure, I would rant quite often, but it’s not like I would tell you about my freakishly long mutant toe or anything (and if I did, well, I would do it in a completely humorous manor). But I am going to break that rule a little today and write a little bit about me since I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth over the past 9 months.

Now don’t close that browser window in fear my friend! I’m not going to get that personal. What do you think this is? Xanga? No. I’m going to keep this pretty brief because many readers might already know this information anyway, and I don’t want to bore them to the point where they might start to eat their own delicious sausage fingers….

Anywho, those of you may remember that in May 05 I graduated from the heathen college of Albright in Reading PA. Since that time I’ve been trying to find a new job not at the good Encompass Media so I could stop editing wedding videos and rich people’s poker parties (really lame).

Well, it was soon after that the ever popular Infinity Corridor moved out to Pittsburgh to work for a company that does marketing and creative for churches and ministries. This made your humble web monkey pretty sad, so I decided to try to find a job in Pittsburgh myself. After sending out many résumés, DVD packets, and creating a new portfolio site, I was no closer to finding a job that did not require me to pluck out my eyes everyday from watching the Soulful Gospel Explosion Showcase. Luckily for our hero, Infinity was able to put in a good word with her boss, and I scored an interview. And in January I moved out to Steel City and it was never the same. Hardcore Joelika style.

OK, so I don’t know how that turned into 3 year old story time (now let’s all get some juice), but that is basically it. So now hopefully all you smarty pants out there will understand that yes, I do know it is brass knuckles… but I am in Pittsburgh, so that is why I called them Steel Knuckles… And yes, I know brass knuckles aren’t a glove… but I made up the steel knuckles, so I can do whatever I want with them. Well, actually, I should say Seth Verbal Aggression came up with the Steel Knuckles, but I shamelessly ripped him off without credit, which was his reward.

So yeah, that’s what happened to me. I moved 4 hours away and I have been transformed into some type of programming slave. Yeah, I know, this from the kid with an art degree. But it’s cool. I actually have a couple of ideas of projects I am going to work on and post here. So I’ll let you know about that. Other than that, just stay on the look out for new pictures, posting of my videos, links, all that good stuff.

Until then, keep on rocking the internet, Google wants you to.

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20061011 09:37

Well a few other things have happened too, like the fact that I’m not “Infinity Corridor” anymore. But clearly, living in the same zip code as me has caused brain damage of some sort.

And now for some useless Pittsburgh jargon:
“yins” = apparently, this means “you” (plural)
“stellers” = Steelers

And now you know. Now there is no use for college, because i have enlightened you.