The GVE of the WDC

Greeting’s from The District my tiny internet midgets! The District Of Columbia that is (Oooo, don’t I just sound like a native… or someone who has watched that TV Drama, The District, on CBS). That’s right, I’m broadcasting here from my hotel suite as I chillax from a long day at the Government Video Expo.

I’m actually representing the place I work as a local reseller for NewTek, so I’ve been in NewTek’s booth all day, which actually has been a lot of fun. I honestly don’t know all that much about their products, other than just using the Tricaster in a couple of remotes that I TD’ed, but I’ve been pulling BS out of my butt like I constantly do anyway, so I really feel right at home. Looks like my college degree is paying off! Score!

But no, the crew from NewTek has been a blast. Like tonight we went out for sushi, which was a first for me. It was surprisingly pretty good (well, I didn’t ralph). And my hotel room is freakin awesome. I mean, this place is HUGE! I have my own fridge, mini bar, couch… yeah, like everything. They took my car somewhere when I got here too, so I have no idea where that is… oh well, those silly bellhops wanting me to tip them more money. Ha!

But I head back to PA tomorrow after the end of the Government Video Expo, so if you are reading this and in the area, stop on over to the NewTek booth and say hi. I’ll try to sell you a Tricaster so my boss is happy and pays me back all the money for the room and my food. ‘Cause let me tell you, there’s no way I going to foot it!

I’ve been pretty distracted lately, but I hope to put up some more h.264 content soon. Until then, check out Ian Fakie and his Freestyle Walking Antics in it’s full 480p glory. Score!

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