Turkey Day 2K5

Happy Turkey Day to each and every one of you! May it be a special, wonderful, magical day… Wait a second, why am I talking like that? I’m not Michael Jackson. (And no, don’t go there). Ew!

So yes, if you are a long time reader here at (and if you aren’t, shame on you. Even though I disappear for months at a time, you should still give me your undying love and devotion… oh, and money too), you may remember in years past that Johnny Alien, Verbal Aggression, myself, and many others partake in the semi-annual gluttony, food eating turkey extravaganza! (Que high impact music) Well, sadly for you, there will be no such competition this year, even though you can rest assured that I would undoubtedly kick Johnny Alien’s extraterrestrial kiester and probably eat half his weight in stuffing. So why the sad news? Well, quite simply, I’ll be away and you’ll just have to deal with it. So there. Nah-ney-nah-ney-poo-poo. It’s rough, I know, but you can take it. No reader of mine isn’t tough!

Yeah, so just a quick update this time, to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. One technical note here, I did post the 480p version of the Freestyle Walking video over in the gallery. It’s encoded in H.264, so if you don’t have QuickTime 7 yet, go on over to Apple and get it. Other than that, you just need a fast machine. It’s a lot of data after all, but you’ll finally be able to see Ian Fakie and all his tricks in their full screen, full framerate glory! Positively Positive!

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