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The GVE of the WDC

Greeting’s from The District my tiny internet midgets! The District Of Columbia that is (Oooo, don’t I just sound like a native… or someone who has watched that TV Drama, The District, on CBS). That’s right, I’m broadcasting here from my hotel suite as I chillax from a long day at the Government Video Expo.

I’m actually representing the place I work as a local reseller for NewTek, so I’ve been in NewTek’s booth all day, which actually has been a lot of fun. I honestly don’t know all that much about their products, other than just using the Tricaster in a couple of remotes that I TD’ed, but I’ve been pulling BS out of my butt like I constantly do anyway, so I really feel right at home. Looks like my college degree is paying off! Score!

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Turkey Day 2K5

Happy Turkey Day to each and every one of you! May it be a special, wonderful, magical day… Wait a second, why am I talking like that? I’m not Michael Jackson. (And no, don’t go there). Ew!

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Check My Feed Yo!

Da dun dun dun da da dun dun. Da dun dun dun da da dun dun. Ice Ice Joelika… wait, huh? Oh, I have no idea. It was just feeling so cold up on this page that I thought I’d bring it some nice Joelika heat! Ooo baby!

So what’s going on Interweb children (and adults, I guess). Long time no typie. I bet you thought I fell into a giant pit of sweaty gym socks and slowly (and stinkally) suffocated to death. Well, you were wrong my friend! For your disgusting day of the week gym socks only make me stronger, as I feast on your expelled ATP energy… What? I had High School Biology. Geeze.

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