Thankx For Stayin

Oh snap! I better slap an update on here before a full month goes by! What the harry heck have I been doing for like the past three weeks? Being incredibly lazy, that’s what! Ha! Sad, I know, but completely true. Well, actually, for a while the other guy I work with at the ‘Media was out, so I was working like crazy, which is kinda an excuse. I could also make up like 5 more things if you really wanted… but it is easier to just call me lazy and make fun of me behind closed doors. It’s OK, I can take it.

Actually, it doesn’t help that I finally got my iBook to login to my G5 remotely (NFS Share baby, on the client version of OS X too! Whoo!), so now I can just lay on my couch and surf the internet. Just think, now I can become even more of a sloth and get bed soars on top of bed soars. Uber attractive, I know!

But yeah, even though I have been super lazy, I have done a couple of productive things. For instance, I have finished my experimenting with encoding some of my movies from the Gallery in h.264 with very good results. It took me a while to realize that I couldn’t do progressive downloads with the .mp4 tag and I had to actually make a .mov with h.264 codec, and Apple never updated their ref movie maker, so I had to use a third party alternative, but now that I got that all ironed out, I should be set to put up some h.264 goodness. That, and plus the official QuickTime 7 client for Windows was released, so if you are wondering what all the fuss over h.264 is all about, go and download QuickTime and check out the HD gallery in h.264. It’s a lot of fun if you have bandwidth to burn (and if your computer is enough of a man to handle it)! Then check back here to see your favorite shorts in their full h.264 glory in the coming weeks.

Did I ever share with you how much I hate wedding videos? The past two weeks I had to work with a client who’s editing system went down, so I had to edit their wedding videos. Blah, everyday I could feel my eyes bleeding until they finally imploded right in my head. You maybe wondering why something as magical and enchanting as a wedding video would want me to commit corneal suicide. Well, I’ll tell you why… Wedding videos are flippn’ boring! I’d be sitting with the client and I’d say, “I think we should cut here”, and they’d be all like, “How can we cut that? It is important that we hear everything the groom’s mom says”. To which I answer, “Bullcrap! She is SO boring…”. And that is why all wedding videos are like 3 hours long. It doesn’t matter that no one will ever watch it in it’s entirety, but it still has to be there. I’d rather make something short and sweet, something that they would actually watch. But whatever. I hate weddings. I think I’d rather lick toad that edit weddings. But hey, at least it won’t be for much longer, huh?

I hope to start updating more frequently now that things are more back to normal. I’ll probably let this update sit for a while so people will notice it, so I might not be back until Wednesday. Also, as a little FYI, you can always check my RSS stream to see when I’ve updated. Unless you rather come here and make my 1990s style hitcounter go up, I always like that too. The 90s rule! Oh yeah, Monday I will be covering a class and giving a demo at Albright College for the broadcast class, so come on out and see me. Now the student is the teacher! Ha! OK, have a great weekend everybody!

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