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Mud Blog

What’s going on internet viewers? Hopefully everyone had a weekend filled with peppermint roses and gum ball flavored rainbows. Wait a second, that makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever. Um… yeah. So let’s talk about something else that happened this weekend… I got it! How about “The Mud Bog”.

Yes, the Mud Bog. For those of you who may live in an elevated standard of society (aka, you aren’t a hick), the mud bog is an event where people come from miles around to answer the age old question…. can I drive my truck through this!? Still can’t paint a picture with your Teletubby imagination? Let me lay down the numbers for you Tinky-Winky:

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Thankx For Stayin

Oh snap! I better slap an update on here before a full month goes by! What the harry heck have I been doing for like the past three weeks? Being incredibly lazy, that’s what! Ha! Sad, I know, but completely true. Well, actually, for a while the other guy I work with at the ‘Media was out, so I was working like crazy, which is kinda an excuse. I could also make up like 5 more things if you really wanted… but it is easier to just call me lazy and make fun of me behind closed doors. It’s OK, I can take it.

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