Old Faithful, The Natural Cell Phone Tower

Greetings from Yellowstone National Park! I’m currently Joelikacasting (like podcasting, but way cooler, trust me) this episode from the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, which somehow has more cell phone coverage then my house. That of course is extremely good for you, since now you can read what I am writing. It’s a win win situation my friend.

So I’ve actually been on vacation since Saturday, but today is the first day that I’ve been in Yellowstone. For the first couple days we were generally being lazy in the Jackson Hole area, which is right by the Grand Tetons. I don’t know what it is with people around here and their dirty way of putting “Hole” after the names of towns, but it seems to be pretty wide spread. Supposedly, hole was another term for valley, but since I’m from the east coast the only thing I can think of is an actual hole, to me the term “Jackson Hole” brings to mind slightly more disturbing thoughts about my childhood and Neverland Ranch. Perhaps I need to have the imagination of a western settler… or not, since I won’t tell you what they thought of the Grand Tetons when they first saw them.

But I finally got to see the infamous Old Faithful today, which I will admit was pretty cool. Not so much the third to fourth time I saw it, but still pretty cool none the less. I am pretty sure I saw a Ranger run over to the side of the visitor center and turn on the faucet that feeds the geyser… I mean, how else could it be so regular (Metamucel commercial jokes aside). I know that the US Government secretly brought in Canadian slave labor to construct the geyser, and then entombed them below along with a cryogenically frozen Walt Disney so know one would know their dirty dirty secret. What? I’ve had a lot of time to think this out in the back of a car buddy!

I’ve actually been taking a lot of pictures, so when I get back home I’ll have to start a couple of galleries, since that’s been kinda lacking lately. I did see that everyone’s favorite :::JFeverston::: posted a couple new pictures, so you might want to go check them out (sorry I don’t have a link, but I am updating from my phone). Other than that, in like a week I should hopefully have something up, so check it out you awesome web surfer you!

I might write another update if anything cool happens. I didn’t even get to write about the giant kindergarten slide on steroids I went on, which caused my pants to spontaneously burst into flames, so we’ll see. Other than that, keep it secret and keep it safe my friends.

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