Illinois Hardcore

I’m finally back from that dust bowl known as Cornerstone. Actually, I’ve been back for almost a week now, but I haven’t been able to make cognitive decisions since I saw that magical unicorn run across the road somewhere outside of Indianapolis. Yeah, it really was that bad. Needless to say I’m now ill and I still haven’t recovered from sleeping on a concrete floor for 5 days. Blast you dirty JPUSAs! But it’s all good, at least now I’m back east where pop is soda and the mullet is the official bad ass haircut. Respek Knuckles!

So right now work is real crazy for me. It doesn’t help that this Saturday I leave for vacation in Yellowstone. That should be a lot of fun, and of course I plan on updating on here if I have some type of internet connection (I do spoil you you know). But all I do at work is scan more slides and edit the Fitness For Christ Talent Showcase. That’s right, glory! Probably my favorite groups so far would have to be the Gospel-Lites, that gospel funk partridge family I wrote about earlier, and my boy KEY Mask (I wish I remembered his website!). If I could only show you some clips, it would be so priceless (just in case you didn’t figure it out, they are really bad). Once I find the time and channels it’s airing, I’ll have to post it cause I’m sure someone will be able to view it (it’s only some local channel, so don’t get to excited. Supposedly it will be viewable by like 2 million or so). Even though most of the real bad stuff will be edited out, you can at least get a snippet. Playas gotta hate!

Talk about depressing. So today in the mail I finally got confirmation from my student loan lender saying I was approved for consolidation. But wait, isn’t that a good thing? Yes, it is very good since I locked in that extra sweet interest rate of 2.875%, but what really stinks is how long I’ll be making payments to these guys. I won’t be free from their bondage until 2020. Goodness. I better be living in some type of laboratory, located at the bottom of the sea by then. And in the future, mechanical turkeys will roam the earth, having their way with our female mashed potatoes. Oh wait, wrong TV show. But seriously, 15 years… Hopefully for those guys I last that long.

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