As My Ears Lay Bleeding

Greetings from Bushnell Illinois! Sorry for the delay in updatation, but this is the first break I’ve had all week here at the Cornerstone Music Festival, put on by the Jesus People. Who are the Jesus people? I don’t know, but apparently they are a group of people who live in some commune located in Chicago and share everything. Oh, and they also all have dreadlocks, it is like their symbol or something. Weird.

But so far the shoot out here has been going well. Incredibly long, but still good. Our typical day consists of us showing up around 12 noon, which doesn’t sound that bad, until you factor in that its at least a 30 minute drive to the festival and we shoot from 12 PM to 1 AM each day. Combine that with the blistering effects of the sun and dust so thick that everything’s in a brown haze, and you have the perfect recipe for a Christian Music Festival. I don’t think someone could pay to go me here… oh wait a second, they did. Oh snap!

But probably one of the coolest things located here in middle of nowhere is a mega store called the Farm King. It’s this combination of a Wal * Mart, hardware, and tractor supply store all combined into one super farmer store. For example, you could come on in and peruse the tool section, then hop on over to the clothing section and pick up some hats, then mozy on over to the electronic section and pick up computer parts and cell phones, then buy some camping gear, all while getting your combine and tractor serviced. Wow! I picked up a few supplies there myself, how could I not at that low low Farm King price. So here’s to you Farm King, please build a new store in my location of Reading PA.

Other than that, we’ve just been taping a whole lot of bands. Probably the best show we got to cover was the Huntingtons last show. We already get full access to all the stages, but for this show we were allowed anywhere on stage and we were just going crazy with taping. That and it was an awesome show. Today we got to sit down with Cliff Huntington and shoot an interview for an upcoming DVD on the 10 year history of the band. So that was great. But when this is all said and done, I think I am swearing off hardcore for quite some time. All those smaller bands sound exactly the same, so I am pretty tired of them. Perhaps I’ll have to bust out the classics, like swing or big-band. Everybody do The Yam.

I’m traveling back to PA Monday, so I’ll try to update Friday of this coming week. Have a safe and happy 4th, and I’ll see you back here on the flip side.

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