Illinois Cheese Whiz

Maybe I should just make Tuesday my normal updating day! No, I’ll try to get back onto the Monday schedule of things, but right now work has been kicking my butt with the amount of jobs that need to be done. So if you are thinking of bringing something into the EM, don’t. Think of the bunnies…

Anywho, just a short little update blurb today, mostly so you wouldn’t think I died and all. Starting Wednesday I’ll be heading out to the Cornerstone Music Festival with Seth “Verbal Aggression” ‘s production company Floating Boy Media to cover the event. So if by some slim chance we get at least one bar of cell phone reception in our hotel room (which I seriously doubt, it is the middle of Illinois after all), I’ll try to broadcast an update or two from the show. If not, well, I’ll post up a special Cornerstone update after the fact. So stay on the look out. It should be a lot of fun. Other than that, see you in a week suckas!

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