And Toe Touch Back

For those cool cool jerks out there who were betting I was taking another week off, Ha ha! Only a day late this time sucka! I know, it is pretty bad when being only a “day” late is a good thing, but what can I say? I’m like that pimple that rears its ugly head when you least expect it.

OK, enough about blemishes, let’s talk more about the sin city. No, not Vegas. The old people’s sin city, Atlantic City. Wait, didn’t I just update about that? Why yes, yes I did (and welcome to the show!). That whole update’s timing was kinda ironic, since I just had to go down there again this weekend, but for much less sin I can assure you.

So the good old media was hired to help shoot the Fitness For Christ Talent Showcase, a time where anyone (for a nominal fee, of course), could come and perform (rap, gospel, spoken word, poetry, what have you) and land yourself some sweet sweet time on the boob tube. And I was actually kinda surprised that there were some pretty decent acts that performed. But those are never any fun to talk about. No, we both know you watch American Idol for the really bad performers (and of course Paula Abdul).

Right, so probably the worst act there was this family that thought they were the gospel funk partridge family. Yes, I said it, the gospel funk partridge family, lead by the funk father on bass and accompanied by his two daughters on guitar and keyboard and his son on drums. The father was actually pretty good. He was totally getting into his bass rifts and getting his soul scream on (Owww!). It actually would have been a pretty good act had it not been for the fact that his daughter’s guitar was so out of tune, yet no one but me seemed to notice. I thought I was going insane or something. Everyone there was getting down and jamm’n away, but all I heard was the sound of someone beating a cat with a six string. I thought they were going to stop and maybe, I don’t know, tune, but no. They just kept on rocking, all pimp’d out in their Paris Hilton sun glasses. Oh well, I guess that’s why I don’ judge talent shows, I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about. Except I do know about “Squatting for Jesus”, which was another great act if I do say so myself. Glory!

Site update time! I’ve been playing around with QuickTime 7’s new H.264 codec and I have to say I am mega impressed. So coming up in the next few weeks I am going to be getting up full screen H.264 versions of most of my videos in the gallery. Obviously, it will work the same way it does now where the correct version will automatically load depending on your QuickTime settings, but I was amazed to see the amount of quality I could get at relatively small file sizes (not really much bigger than the broadband versions I have up now). So if you don’t have QuickTime 7 yet, go and get it. They just released a Windows Preview version of it. And be looking for new high quality movies coming soon.

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