Satan Needs His Mittens

I was considering not even updating today, since hell froze over, but since I’ve been a slacker for the past two weeks, I thought I’d get my sorry rear in gear. For those of you much less geeker than me, you may not be aware the Apple Computer today announced they will be using Intel processors. I have to admit though, I am far less shocked now then when I first heard the rumblings over the weekend. It was first reported on by the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks back, but everyone dismissed it ’cause no one trusts those crazy analyst further than they can spit. Then this weekend there were reports from C | Net, The New York Times, and even those losers at the WSJ again, and at that point, the rest of Macdom and I pretty much realized it was a done deal.

So why did Apple decide to leave PowerPC and move to Intel? One word. Laptops. For over the past year, Apple has been close to or has been selling more laptops than desktops. And last month was the first time for the general PC market to do the same. Laptops are becoming increasingly popular and everyone wants to stay ahead in the mobile market. The fact of the matter is Apple hasn’t released a major processor update to it’s laptop lines in over three years. IBM has claimed to have a lower power G5 in the works for a mobile environment, yet they have failed to deliver. And who can blame them when Microsoft is waving 100 Million Tricky-Dick-Fun-Bills in front of their face. So in that respect, Apple went with Intel to get on the whole Pentium M bandwagon.

So it is going to be an interesting transition in the next two years. Apple seems to know what they are doing with Universal Binaries, which could be wicked cool if developers keep making them. Picture this, with Mac OS X’s processor independent architecture, Apple could at a whim switch to any processor, even back to PowerPC if some new killer processor came out with quad cores and an integrated coffee maker. That way Apple would always be at the forefront of the latest and greatest hardware offerings, something they haven’t been for quite some time.

So now it is all up to the developers, and whether they’ll jump on board with Universal Binaries. I have to say, I feel for those guys. They just got done carbonizing all their apps, now another major transitions. Here’s hoping that the recompile really is as easy as hitting that “Compile for Intel option”.

You may remember that I actually just bought a G5 less than three weeks ago, so when I first heard about the Intel switch, I was kinda bummed. But now as a look at it, I am glad I made the purchase since I love my giant cheese grater and I really needed a new machine. Right now, the G5 is one awesome chip; coupled with it’s hyper transport architecture, it positively screams. Plus, with such a large install base of PowerPC, I am sure I’ll be able to squeeze 3 – 4 years of life out of this beast, which is really a typical upgrade cycle for me. So no worries, once the kinks have been worked out of the new Intel-Mac, or who knows, maybe even an AMD-Mac, I’ll be right there ready. But still, I do feel really dirty, somehow PowerPC made me feel more like a man. Geek, I know.

Sorry for such the techno-blah update today, but that’s what was going down so I thought I’d update on it. I was going to write an update on my trip to Atlantic City, which I still plan to write later this week. Probably on Thursday. Also, I plan on updating twice a week for the unforeseeable future. So stop on back and post in the forums sucka!

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