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Illinois Cheese Whiz

Maybe I should just make Tuesday my normal updating day! No, I’ll try to get back onto the Monday schedule of things, but right now work has been kicking my butt with the amount of jobs that need to be done. So if you are thinking of bringing something into the EM, don’t. Think of the bunnies…

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And Toe Touch Back

For those cool cool jerks out there who were betting I was taking another week off, Ha ha! Only a day late this time sucka! I know, it is pretty bad when being only a “day” late is a good thing, but what can I say? I’m like that pimple that rears its ugly head when you least expect it.

OK, enough about blemishes, let’s talk more about the sin city. No, not Vegas. The old people’s sin city, Atlantic City. Wait, didn’t I just update about that? Why yes, yes I did (and welcome to the show!). That whole update’s timing was kinda ironic, since I just had to go down there again this weekend, but for much less sin I can assure you.

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Donald Tump’s Semi-Charmed Mutant Squirrel

So I didn’t get to update on Thursday. I know, I know, I make more excuses then a bad boyfriend, but this time, I actually have a legitimate one. See, Thursday I had to go and shoot a high school graduation for work, so I didn’t get home until around 11, and needless to say I was pretty beat. Whine whine whine, I know, that’s all I do. But hey, at least I am making up for it by actually updating this week. You know, I do spoil ya.

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Satan Needs His Mittens

I was considering not even updating today, since hell froze over, but since I’ve been a slacker for the past two weeks, I thought I’d get my sorry rear in gear. For those of you much less geeker than me, you may not be aware the Apple Computer today announced they will be using Intel processors. I have to admit though, I am far less shocked now then when I first heard the rumblings over the weekend. It was first reported on by the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks back, but everyone dismissed it ’cause no one trusts those crazy analyst further than they can spit. Then this weekend there were reports from C | Net, The New York Times, and even those losers at the WSJ again, and at that point, the rest of Macdom and I pretty much realized it was a done deal.

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