My Diploma Smells Like Money

Monday Monday Monday! Today I was finally able to go into work and declare myself a “professional” because I’m an official bona fide college graduate! Oh yeah, I have my $110,000 piece of parchment and the skies the limit… that and my diploma has the distinct smell of money. Mmmm, Jacksons.

Commencement day went well, but it was super long and complex. With showing up at 8:45 in the AM and having to deduce which side was east and which side was west by the position of the sun in relationship to the curvature of the earth, it is amazing that we all made it. My favorite part of the entire day had to be during the procession; The faculty lined up on either side of the path that we walked and formed what I now refer to as the “Knowledge Gauntlet”. I was kinda scared at first, I didn’t know if they were going to beat their fists into a frenzy and spank us on the bum with the “club of knowledge” while we ran past or what. But as we braced for impact, they all just applauded, and it was like I was back on my club soccer team. Good participation, here’s your trophy so you don’t feel left out. I’m the greatest! But seriously, it was really cool and overall a great day, but I’m glad it’s over.

So now that I am done, you would think that I’d be depressed by the onslaught and monotony of the real world, to which I would say, “Yeah right! Do you know how much time I have for video games now?” Oh yeah, not really all that much actually, but the latest season of 24 did just finish up, so that will at least free up another hour in which I can be a sloth. And I do have a lot of plans for things I want to do, especially on here, which should be happening over the next couple weeks. So you’ll have to stay tune and see what’s up. Ian Fakie Style.

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