Schools Out Forever

I’m done I’m done I’m done! That’s right cyberland. I’m officially done school. Not officially a “graduate” yet, but just 6 more days and I’ll have that 80,000 dollar piece of parchment in my hand. Whoa, what a cool font!

So yeah, needless to say last week was pretty much insane, which was the reason for my absence around here. And you might say, “Joel, isn’t that your own fault for putting things off to the last second?” To which I would respond, “Yes, but I’m so freakin hardcore it doesn’t even matter”. I spent a lot of time working on my DVD Portfolio for my one class and countless other projects as well. Speaking of which, today marks another milestone here at Joelika dot com. Today’s episode is the first in about four years that hasn’t come off of the mighty 500Mhz G3 iBook. You got it, I recently upgraded to a dual 2.0 Ghz G5 giant cheese grater, and boy is it nice (Thanks Grandma!). I can finally run all my video apps (which is how I got my DVD Portfolio done in the first place), and this thing is so fast it finishes doing stuff before I even being to think about them. See, I didn’t even type that sentence. Amazing. Not to mention the matching cinema display is probably has the nicest monitor I have ever used. It’s like Heaven; except the whole smelling like gasoline bit and lack of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but that’s another story.

So since I’m done school, I plan on updating more frequently again (but not this week. Come on, give me a break!). Also, I plan on putting up the old Joelika archive (like a few years worth) so you can have hours of pleasure reading about times past on your bosses dime. Killer. And it doesn’t stop there my friends. Because everyone else in the world is simply remaking old movies or TV shows, I plan on following suit by posting Spruce Lake 2000 and CCS Survivor in the near future. So stop on by and reminisce with me, and if you haven’t seen it before, well, then it’s new to you and you’ll love it. Honest!

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