Everyone Procrastinate

OK, ok, I’m not going to bore you with another lame excuse on why I didn’t update last week. Even if this so called excuse that really did happen and it actually does involve pretty in pink rabid space monkeys… from the future!!! Yeah, that’s what I thought. Shut you up fast.

Yeah, so the only reason why I am even updating isn’t because I have anything cool to report on, it’s more because I don’t feel like writing my Art History Paper. You may remember a few weeks back I updated on how I was becoming exponentially more and more lazy. Needless to say I think I have reached the pinnacle of this laziness, and that I should just eat brownies and play video games all day long. But Joel you ask… aren’t you done with classes like most other college students? Well, good question gumshoe. You may also remember way back in January when everyone was heading out of their boring little towns back to the action packed life that is college, I was out traveling in Wisconsin and Iowa. This is because of course, my school didn’t start back until February. So yeah, I may have been laughing it up back then, but now it is I who is in tears. Actually no I’m not, I’m way to hardcore for that. Besides, I actually need that extra time, since I put everything off. And in fact, I think I’m going to push my paper off some more. I’ve gotta find all the Dragon Balls! Goku is counting on me!

Oh yeah, Candy Bar Brownie Sundae update time! My presentation was what, over a week ago? And yes, it went just swimmingly. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Sundaes and my homemade oven, plus no one died. A real win-win situation for everyone involved. If you too would like me to visit you and cook a personal Joelika Candy Bar Brownie Sundae, please enclose a money order for $29.95 plus a picture of you in a self addressed stamped envelope to the address on screen. I’ll contact you with in 2 to 6 weeks. Or never, we’ll see how it goes.

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