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Benedict Arnold’s Psychedelic Super Coat

Man, why do I always miss the cool happenings? You may remember a couple weeks back I updated on how some roller news site picked up my Freestyle Walking Video that I shot for a class a few years back, and how they thought it was totally serious (Three time world Champion at the local Giant Supermarket Center on Rockafeller Lane). Well, I don’t know if someone who knew me submitted it, but somehow Ian Fakie and his crazy positive crew were picked up by collegehumor dot com. I know right. At least they seem to get the fact it is all a big joke, and hopefully they got a couple laughs out of it (but seriously, a rating of 2.5 stars? On my own site? Harsh). But of course you know this all goes down on the week I was too lazy to update(whoops). So for the 10,000+ visitors that came through and watched some sweet Toasty O moves this past weekend, sorry. But it’s OK, it’s not like you took any time to actually browse around anywhere. After finding out that Jayne Manshater didn’t want to make you a sandwich, you ran away like the little male piggy you are. Oh well, girl power! (I kid of course, I know for a fact Jayne loves to make sandwiches).

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Daylight Spandex Time

Happy Daylight Savings time everyone! I’m sure that’s something you’re not used to hearing. Most people dread Daylight Savings time, unless you live in Indianapolis and your local government just decided to not abide by it. In which case, you smell. I’ve been preparing for Daylight Savings time for over a week now; why do you think I didn’t update last week? No, it wasn’t because I couldn’t get off my lazy duff. I was making important preparations for the shock of losing an hours worth of sleep… by sleeping less and eating more candy. Sugar!

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