My Website Will Eat You

Happy Easter Break everyone! Chances are if you already had your spring break, or weren’t yet, you are now. And for those of you who may still be in school because you had one too many snow days, well, then this comes a day early because I know you’ll be off tomorrow. And those of you who are a part of the work force… well, yeah. To bad buddy. I feel for you though, I’ll be working tomorrow and Saturday, because people’s memories never take a holiday… Freakin memories!

So Tuesday was my video shoot down in Hanover, which went well, not counting the whole getting up at 5:30 AM deal and not getting back until, oh wait, 5:30 PM. Huh? Didn’t I say I was getting up at 5 last broadcast? Well, yeah, I guess I did. See, what I did was “stretch the truth”, in order to get more sympathy out of you, my three readers. See, I knew I was getting up at 5:30, but it sounded so much more painful to say 5, so I did. What? Don’t look at me that way, I know you do the same thing. Your buddies may ask if you want to do something, but instead you say, “Oh, I have a ton of homework, then I have to cook dinner for needy animals, balance my check book, fumigate my apartment for fleas, and plus, I think have a little bit of a headache”… Yeah right, in all actuality your ton of homework is nothing more that 5 minutes of research on the internet to finish this week’s crossword puzzle, your needy animals are really your large and small intestine, which you are going to order out for some Chinese… Check book? You’ve never written a check in your life, the check card is king! And who knows, maybe you do have fleas, who am I to judge, but you think you have a headache? I’m definitely not falling for that one. Hey, if you don’t want to gell’n like Magellan with me because I smell, you should just come on out and say it… I mean, not me… Uh, my friend… in this completely hypothetical situation… Oh that Bobert, he totally needs to take a bath.

So hopefully everyone has a safe and fun Easter Vacation. I hope the Easter Bunny makes your wildest Cadbury Cream Egg dreams come true (settle down). I won’t be back here until Monday, which is when I think I am back at school. Blast! So until then, be safe and eat tons of chocolate. Mmmm… chocolate.

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