“i nearly vomit upon their completion”

Happy Spring Break Everyone! Finally, after all my hard procrastination and playing video games I can finally take a break from school (what? It’s hard work to consistently put things off). Well, kinda. See, for all you cool kids out there who go and spend their Spring Break in Florida, only to try to make it with some hot chick but end up being eaten by 50 sharks who came to your beach because some old dude was chumming for a week in a rented boat from some mom and son company (longest link ever!), the only thing I get to do on Spring Break is work more. For example tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 (that’s in the AM buddy) to drive down to Hanover for a shoot. But that actually should be pretty fun, minus the whole getting up before God part, and hopefully the plant manager will let me roll around in a tub full of pretzels or something. I’ll chase people like I’m El Salado! Mmmm… Crunchy!

For those of you who have already finished your Spring Breaks or have yet to start (what is up with that?), at least you can look forward to some time off during Easter. I know I’ll be rolling around sleeplessly, anxiously awaiting the onslaught of the Easter Bunny… I Want Candy, Bubble Gum and Taffy… Mmm, I can already taste the sweet cream of the Cadbury Cream Egg…. It is so good. So good in fact I found someone saying this on the internet about their oh so sweet gooey centers: “mmmmmmm…cream eggs…so vile, they make me nearly vomit upon their completion, and yet i am curiosly compelled to eat them… ” Now if that isn’t a testimony to their greatness, I don’t know what is!

Eh, that’s all I got. I think I’ll try to update on Wednesday as well. I surely will not be doing anything on Friday, since that is when I am starting my candy eating spree. Maybe that’s why I’ll be rolling around sleeplessly… I’ll be on a 3 day sugar high! Killer!

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