I’m A Sk8ter

Wait, hold up. Let me lace up my Vans here… All right! Let’s go! Welcome all you Skaters to Joelika dot com, the site where you can get your positivity on. I’m Ian Fakie and I’m here to tell you that Freestyle Walking will change your life. Are my three regular viewers confused yet? Well, if you ever watched Freestyle Walking over in the gallery you wouldn’t be, unless you thought that Ian Fakie was in fact a real person (you mean he isn’t?).

OK, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Sometime over the weekend my Freestyle Walking video was linked to at two different skater news message boards. What is even more strange is everyone who viewed the video was somehow convinced that it was completely serious and there is this guy called Ian Fakie freestyle walking at his local Giant Supermarket while trying to convince kids to live positively positive (Be Cool, Stay In School). And to be truthful, yes, I am all about the positivity, but you would think with names like “Harry Euphoria” and a dude wearing a fake Blackbeard’s beard with visible elastic straps, that maybe someone, just someone would realize, “Hey, perhaps they are just being complete sarcastic… but it really isn’t all that funny”. But hey, it’s OK, hopefully you guys had a chance to watch some other videos because I can’t wait to see the thread about the 4 foot tall pretzel blob creature that eats people. Oh, and if you are still looking for some more “gaygaygay, very gay” FSW content, drop by Ian Fakie’s gallery and check out his flipp’n sweet FSW picts. His crew will totally walk all over you!

Now that I got that out of the way, hey, did you kill some Easter Bunnies? In case you didn’t see Friday’s update, I’ve posted up :::JFeverston:::’s classic Happy Easter Hunting Game for everyone to enjoy. It is great fun so you should check it out. The goal is to shoot 50 bunnies in under two minutes without killing the fabled Easter Bunny (come on, control yourself). And if you did play it, and win… well, play it again. Preferably at work, because who doesn’t want to get paid to kill cute and fuzzy bunnies. Mmmmm…. Bunnies.

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