Easter Hunting

A promise is a promise, so I’m back with another update before the week is out. Much thanks needs to go out to 3 full colon JFeverston 3 full colon (dot com) for putting in some major time into getting his classic Happy Easter Hunting Game up and ready for prime time here at From replacing all his includes with full paths to rewriting his movie clip calls, JFeverston knows what’s up when it comes to squashing all the silly goobers in flash. So everyone should congratulate him and drop him a PM or something for being so awesome.

So now available for your personal pleasure, the Happy Easter Hunting Game (found in the Gallery). It is your job to kill the thousands upon thousands of fluffy white bunnies that appear every year around Easter. However, you need to keep a sharp eye in order to not shoot the famed Easter Bunny, for then kids around the world won’t be treated to their chocolate baskets and tainted hard boiled eggs. You need to kill 50 bunnies in under 2 minutes to win. I personally love the first version that :::JFeverston::: made in that you could shoot as many as you wanted in 2 minutes. I think maybe :::JFeverston::: should post that version later on so we can get a little contest going and see who is the baddest bunny killer of them all. And I think we all know who that is… me, Dennis.

For those of you wrapping up your Spring Break this weekend, you better get the most out of it before you have to go back to the daily grinds that is playing video games and watching TV… oh wait, that’s me. And for all you Juniors out there taking the SATs tomorrow… dude, I’m sure glad it’s not me! Essays? Man, that’s rough. Don’t worry, as long as you bought one of those enhance your vocabulary sing along CDs, you should be fine. I’ll see everyone back here Monday night. Until then, kill some bunnies.

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