An Emo Kid Loves You

What’s going on internet junkies? It looks like you survived your wild weekend, which is always a good thing. For those of you rocking up the East Cost like me, how about that weather today? It was like 65 degrees here in beautiful Reading Pennsylvania, so basically it was disgustingly fantastic outside. Needless to say, I am glad it’s going to get back to our normal hardcore 18 degrees or whatever the low is going to be for tomorrow, because let’s face it, when it’s all nice outside, everyone is so flippin chipper that I just can’t take all their positivity. It totally brings down my emo, “I love Jen but Jen loves Save’s the Day” attitude. Man. I’m totally going to go write in my livejournal about you now… oh wait…

I guess most people out there are on their Spring Breaks right now, or should be if their schools weren’t too busy taking dump’s in their own beds at night. If you fall into this latter, more stinky category, don’t feel bad, I’m not on Spring Break either… but then again, I didn’t start back at school until February. I know, you are so totally jealous. But for those of you not on Spring Break, I submit for your approval Spring Break Reading Pennsylvania. Find out what happens to three unsuspecting college students who make the sexy mistake of visiting the oh so sensual hotspot of the East Coat, Reading Pennsylvania. It might make you thankful that you are still safe and sound in your own, poop free, college bed. Sweet Dreams.

That’s going to do it for now, I know I say this every Monday, teasing you with the fact that I may update again this week only to stand you up like some bad high school memory. Well, this time I promise I will if a certain :::JFeverston::: from sends me his classic Easter game for all to enjoy. It will be good fun, so stop on by later, that is of course unless you want to get punched in the face by an emo kid.

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