Powdered Goodness

Better late than never, if you don’t know how that’s my modo, then you just don’t know your Joelika. Yeah, so much for this getting up Monday, instead you will have to deal with the early Tuesday morning updatation. And the only reason you are getting this is because I am too lazy to get off my chair to go to bed… lucky!

In my own defense, it is a little hard to sit down and write something when old man winter is spreading his dandruff all outside. It looks as if we have over a half of foot already, and of course, as always, Albright has no plans for any type of delay. But that’s OK, I’m ready with the old Pooper Trooper, so I can drive up there to find a little note on the classroom door stating that even though I maybe man enough to drive up to Reading, the prof wasn’t. Pansies.

You better believe I was out today busting out some powdered sugar doughnuts in my trooper. I almost spun out at 45 MPH driving home since some grandma began to force me off the road when I tried to pass him… OK, OK, so maybe passing someone in zero visibility and on snow covered roads isn’t the best idea either, but you just can’t contain the Poop Trooper like that! Come on, you think you can take any of this? Because I know I couldn’t, it’s all big, and brown…. and and… well, mostly brown, but you better believe that this is once mean streak of brown you wouldn’t want to see riding up on your rear… For serious, not even joking.

OK, so I am a little out of the loop since I just found out today that the entire brand new Reggie and the Full Effect album (Songs Not To Get Married To) was on and I totally missed it, but for those of you into Reggie (and you totally should be), you can sample three new songs from the upcoming album on Vagrant’s site. Also, for those of you who enjoy a good show, Reggie will be opening for New Found Glory in Philadelphia March 29th and 30th at the Troc. I think I am going to try to go the 29th, since that is also the release date of Reggie’s new album, so I am sure they will do something crazy, but it doesn’t sound like there will be any other good bands there. Maybe I’ll just go for Reggie and leave. But if anyone else is interested, let me know. Reggie is always a great show.

I am going to try to update once more this week, and hopefully soon I will be adding some more content to the Vault (since everyone seems to hate the crappy quality of Spruce Lake ’99). So until then, keep on rockin.

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