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My Website Will Eat You

Happy Easter Break everyone! Chances are if you already had your spring break, or weren’t yet, you are now. And for those of you who may still be in school because you had one too many snow days, well, then this comes a day early because I know you’ll be off tomorrow. And those of you who are a part of the work force… well, yeah. To bad buddy. I feel for you though, I’ll be working tomorrow and Saturday, because people’s memories never take a holiday… Freakin memories!

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“i nearly vomit upon their completion”

Happy Spring Break Everyone! Finally, after all my hard procrastination and playing video games I can finally take a break from school (what? It’s hard work to consistently put things off). Well, kinda. See, for all you cool kids out there who go and spend their Spring Break in Florida, only to try to make it with some hot chick but end up being eaten by 50 sharks who came to your beach because some old dude was chumming for a week in a rented boat from some mom and son company (longest link ever!), the only thing I get to do on Spring Break is work more. For example tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 (that’s in the AM buddy) to drive down to Hanover for a shoot. But that actually should be pretty fun, minus the whole getting up before God part, and hopefully the plant manager will let me roll around in a tub full of pretzels or something. I’ll chase people like I’m El Salado! Mmmm… Crunchy!

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I’m A Sk8ter

Wait, hold up. Let me lace up my Vans here… All right! Let’s go! Welcome all you Skaters to Joelika dot com, the site where you can get your positivity on. I’m Ian Fakie and I’m here to tell you that Freestyle Walking will change your life. Are my three regular viewers confused yet? Well, if you ever watched Freestyle Walking over in the gallery you wouldn’t be, unless you thought that Ian Fakie was in fact a real person (you mean he isn’t?).

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Easter Hunting

A promise is a promise, so I’m back with another update before the week is out. Much thanks needs to go out to 3 full colon JFeverston 3 full colon (dot com) for putting in some major time into getting his classic Happy Easter Hunting Game up and ready for prime time here at From replacing all his includes with full paths to rewriting his movie clip calls, JFeverston knows what’s up when it comes to squashing all the silly goobers in flash. So everyone should congratulate him and drop him a PM or something for being so awesome.

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An Emo Kid Loves You

What’s going on internet junkies? It looks like you survived your wild weekend, which is always a good thing. For those of you rocking up the East Cost like me, how about that weather today? It was like 65 degrees here in beautiful Reading Pennsylvania, so basically it was disgustingly fantastic outside. Needless to say, I am glad it’s going to get back to our normal hardcore 18 degrees or whatever the low is going to be for tomorrow, because let’s face it, when it’s all nice outside, everyone is so flippin chipper that I just can’t take all their positivity. It totally brings down my emo, “I love Jen but Jen loves Save’s the Day” attitude. Man. I’m totally going to go write in my livejournal about you now… oh wait…

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