Everybody Kung Fu Fight

Only a short update today folks, I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in, as usual. First though, I need to start off with a correction. You may remember that last update I made a reference in where I tactfully implied that my speech professor was in fact an insect wearing a “Hector Suit”. Well, super fact checker Hotchic was the first to point the shame finger towards my redoubtable mistake to all Men In Black Fans. The correct term of course is an “Edgar Suit” and not “Hector Suit”, which surprisingly enough, I had correct in my link. I know it is hard to believe that I was actually wrong, but please, all local chapters of the Will Smith Fan Club, accept my sincerest apologies… it will never happen again.

I do have some good news for everyone here at the Joelika dot com (yes, to make up for all my lies). As promised, today I posted the QuickTime version of Birds Of Prey! This 16mm Kung Fu film (and yes I can say film since it was shot on 16mm, I’m not just trying to look cool like all those digital media kids) was the final project for Brad Pad’s and my Filmmaking 2 class. So if you are in the mood for some Kung Fu Fighting (and even if you aren’t), go and check it out in the gallery. You may recognize the “bad student” in the Birds of Prey as none other then Sean from CCS Survivor and Spruce Lake. Which by the way, there are more “classic” episodes of that coming soon (and they are better quality, I promise. They aren’t circa 1999).

Hopefully everyone has a fantastic weekend and you are able to score a date for Monday Night. You would be such a loser if you didn’t. See you back here Monday!

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