Thank You SuperBowl!

What’s up internet junkies? I’m back from my week of unplanned absence to once again invade your computer screen and kick it to the curb. That’s right, for all of you who were secretly wishing that Burlington chewed me up and spit me out, you may begin your weeping and scheming of your next diabolical plot to do me in. So why did I take the week off? Well, classes finally started for me and I was much too lazy to find school books and update all in the same week. Sad, I know.

This semester is looking pretty descent with such classes as ceramics and my obligatory film/video class. My two real classes are of course art history and speech communications (yes, you may begin your jealousy), a class that is taught by what maybe an insect wearing a Hector Suit. I don’t understand how a speech communication class could be taught by someone who can’t hold my attention for more than 5 seconds, Hector Suit and all. I honestly can’t even look at her or I begin to fall asleep, so all I do is doodle the whole class. Go team education!

So how about that SuperBowl? Was I the only one who found it funny how the NFL departed from their normal “let’s try to be hip for the kids” half time show to instead appeal to middle aged America with Paul McCartney? What was even more freaky was I ate at the Yellow Submarine just minutes before that, but that is another story.

And if you are waiting for me to say I told you so about the whole Billy Penn curse thing, well, I wasn’t routing for the Patriots to win… but yeah, I totally didn’t want to be wrong either…. So yeah, I told you so! I mean, come on, Philly just agreed to build an even bigger building for Comcast, do you think William Penn was going to roll with that? I think not. If those building planners had half a brain, they would take old Mr. Penn off City Hall and make him the spire on the new Comcast Building. But then again, William Penn might not like being used for corporate gain either and he might end up coming back as a giant knickers wearing monster bent on smoking peace pipes, because if that’s the case, I don’t even think Slimer could save us.

Oh right, Birds of Prey. I had compressed it and was ready to upload it for your viewing pleasure, but then I noticed there was an audio glitch which means I have to do it again. Hey, I accept nothing less then perfection for you, my most favorite of all readers. I do expect to have it up later this week, so check back if you are in the mood for some Kung Fu Fighting.

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