Billy Penn Hates Bling

Well, who would have thunk it. That’s right, all of you Eagles fans out there are finally having your cake and eating it too. Well, almost. See, even though most fans say it is just good enough that the Eagles have finally made it to the SuperBowl for the first time since 1981, Philadelphia has yet to win a national championship in any sporting event since 1983. Why? Well, if you are a local you probably already know the reason why: The Billy Penn Curse. For those of you not familiar with the dreaded curse, for over 90 years there was an understanding in the City of Brotherly Love to let good old William Penn’s statue on top of City Hall to be the highest point in the skyline and allow him to over look his city. Fast forward to 1984 and the agreement to construct One Liberty Place and bam, old Billy has been pissed ever since (not to mention those times he was dressed up with giant baseball hats and Flyers Jersies. Old Billy doesn’t roll like that yo). Now you maybe saying, come on Joel, there’s no such thing as curses or maybe, hey, Boston finally got over their curse of the Bambino, and he is way fatter then William Penn. Which is true, maybe the Eagles can finally kick old Billy in the pants, but I’m just saying, it isn’t over yet. And for all of you out there wondering if I have some sort of gripe with the Eagles, nope. I hope they win! I am already super excited they are going down to the “J-Town”, but hey, I am a jerk, and that’s the way I roll.

Well, now that I successfully kicked everyone down a notch (jerk!), how about some good news? Or it maybe good to some of you long time Joelika dot com viewers out there. If you were poking around the gallery this weekend, you might have noticed a new category that popped up called the Joelika Vault. And just as the name implies, over the next couple of weeks (or months, knowing me), I plan on uploading some classic videos from the pre dot com days. So what can you find in there now? Well, for starters you can find the series that really started it all: Spruce Lake ’99! For those of you who never saw these ten action packed, jacked up on pixy sticks episodes, Spruce Lake was a time when my High School would take grades 10 – 12 on a winter retreat. Crazy, I know, but even more so if you watch it. Now, a little word of caution. Before I get all these comments on how crappie the quality is, keep in mind these were created in 1999, or about 6 years ago (Look mom, I did math!). I was using an old Power Macintosh 6100, which couldn’t even capture full motion video. Plus, back in good old 1999, the compression technology was no where near what it is today. I think these were done with the very first version of Sorenson Video for those of you who are into that kind of thing (I know, at least it wasn’t Cinpack, right?). So if you can stand the obnoxiously loud music and tiny 160 by 120 display, jump on bored and ride the 90s wave. Hey, it’s at least worth it to see me in my butt cut. If this goes over well, I will be posting more classics later on, probably starting with Spruce Lake 2000 (better quality, I promise), then maybe ending up with CCS Survivor, probably my most favorite. So post it up with any comments you have, and reminisce with Spruce Lake ’99!

I fly out to Iowa tomorrow, but I hope to post an update while I am out there since I will have a crap load of time to kill on Wednesday. Obviously, it all depends if I have an internet connection or not. If all else fails, we’ll catch up later on Friday. Killer.

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