And The Image I Saw Under The Water Was No Fish.

You’ve gotta love PA. I don’t know many other places located in the U.S. of A. that can go a full two weeks without any sunlight. And we’ve done just that. Honestly, where am I? England? Because the last time I looked, I didn’t see anyone dressed up like a Nazi… which is kinda weird, since I Ido live in Reading PA. OK, well, that was kinda cruel, but that’s how I roll… in my house! Oh, and was it just me, or was it totally like 70 degrees outside last night… and now’s its like 30. Because I could be completely hallucinating, after all, I was eating fist-fulls of Nutty Buddies. Mmmmm! Better than Chunkie Monkey!

Anywho, there isn’t really too much to report here, at least anything worth while. I am still just working for the man, trying to pay the bills of my big pimping lifestyle. However, I did find time to finally finish the tweaks on that classic project, El Salado! So go on over to the gallery and check it out. New in this version is a recreated pretzel crop circle, a brand spankin new Channel 69 News high impact opener by :::JFeverston::: (and yes, for all those people who have been asking, Channel 69 is in fact a real news channel here in Reading PA. Hilarious, I know), a new VO at the end, and the audio has been completely sweetened. So check it out, you know you are just dying to.

So Apple released all their new products this Tuesday, including the new Mac mini and the new iPod Shuffle. For a while I really was considering the Shuffle, since I’ve come to a point in my life where I am even now too lazy to burn MP3 CDs for my car (terrible, I know), and I could hook the shuffle right into my head unit’s line in and rock out. But then I realized how many other things I need, and how I could better use the money (even though it is only 99 clams, I am poor man… pimpin takes some serious cash after all). So I guess I’ll just have to get off my utterly sensual derriere and actually do work. And the Mac mini is pretty cool too, just because it is so wicked small (try thinner than a freakin Game Cube, and just a tiny bit wider). I want to turn one into a mini server, that would be awesome. But for now, I will just have to fantasize, and keep on loving the iBook. It has totally been here through it all, it’s tough. No object of mine isn’t after all… whatever that means.

Here’s to a safe and fun weekend! I’ll see you back here Monday night… or you might wake up to a face full of salt.

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