The Best Things In Life Are Free (Kickin it Richie Rich Style)

It’s a new week here at Joelika dot com, which means it’s a new week for excuses! I did have every intention of updating last Friday, in fact, I even thought of something good to write about. However, I just couldn’t escape the evil clutches that is my bunk bed (do you have a problem with my bunk bed? well, do ya? punk?).

Anywho, I am back from my shoot out in the great midwest. All in all, it went well in that we were finally able to land after not being able to in Iowa (the weather was too bad, so we only went to Milwaukee, WI), and all my equipment worked, even though the clients didn’t want to do the same (blast you multimillion dollar machines!). But the trip was great in that it was the first of many experiences for me. It was the first time riding on a private jet, the first time skimming off a runway in a private jet, and the first time doing doughnuts in a private jet. Hello Milwaukee!

But let me tell you, if you ever have a chance to go in a private jet, by all means do it. I can’t think of many other things that will give you that feeling of you are better then the common man. For example, you have your very own concourse with absolutely no security. Heck, I was taking crap on for the fun of it! Pocket knives, hack saws, fingernail clippers… they don’t care. It is all yes sir and yes ma’am. Then when you land at an airport, they all come and greet you on the runway (Welcome to Milwaukee Sir… may I kiss your feet), after which you go back into your private concourse and eat cookies and drink coffee. And get this, the bathrooms, yeah, they have their own private mouth wash dispensers. No expenses spared my friends. High class.

Probably the funniest thing that happened on this rich man adventure had to be one of the guys on our plane was making some remark about a poster hanging behind the desk of the private concourse when the employee was all like, “Do you like that sir? Here, you may have it.” And BAM, before you could shake two sticks, the guy had scored himself a brand new poster. Wow, I kinda liked that wall clock over there. Why thank you!

Even though I got to feel like the rich and famous for a little, once I was there it was all down to business. I was the camera dog who had to tape this and tape that. But then again, I did score one sweet three course meal out of it, so hey (and I got out of the office, always a big plus for me)! So here’s to you Milwaukee, for one grand time. It is definitely cold as an Eskimo’s left butt cheek, but hey, we kicked it up pseudo rich kid style. I’ll have to send you a postcard.

Yeah, so my mind is kinda distracted right now, with the Macworld Expo Keynote coming up tomorrow. No doubt if you are a big Mac Head like me, you already know about the amazing amounts of products that are rumored to be released tomorrow. I can’t remember when anticipation has been this high, or when Apple has been so weird about it (all the lawsuits, no live webcast). But whatever, after tomorrow when Steve Jobs treats us all to a fresh dose of his Reality Distortion Field, all will be right with the world. Wars will stop and hunger will cease. It will be a new day, so be ready for it with your iPod… or better yet, give me yours instead. Come on, I’ve been a good boy…

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