Ebola Delicious Monkey

Oh man, I better update this thing before I break my New Years resolution of updating three times a week! It wouldn’t look very professional to wimp out within the first week of the 2005. I mean, that would make me 0 for 2 resolutions, the other one being giving up Chunky Monkey Ice Cream. Did you ever have that stuff? It is like an orgy of ebola in your mouth. Not even joking.

Tonight’s update is going to be a little on the short side since I am really just taking a break from packing. Starting tomorrow I will be flying to Iowa then Wisconsin
for a video shoot. And I am sure many of you are wondering how I will be able to keep fighting the good fight by updating on Friday if I am going to be away. Well, the hotel I am staying at will hopefully have an internet connection, and even not, I will be back Friday evening. So do not despair, I will return to you soon. You should only be so lucky to get of me that easily. I am like that morning breath that haunts you until your evening commute home, and you are finally all alone in your car. Then you cry in the inside.

So I guess tonight is going to be the first real wintery weather we have had here in the great green state of Pennsylvania. I don’t think anyone has really decided just what the heck is going on. My friends over at Weather dot com don’t really play it up all that much, but then you turn on the local news, Man! You’d think it was the end of the world.

“Tonight at 11, tune in for the latest coverage on the winter storm that will dump an inconceivable amount of Old Man Winter’s puke on every road you drive on so you will be stuck in your home for 3 years. Oh — and you are going to die.”

I mean, come on, there is no need for that kinda talk. Of course, you can make practically anything scary with high impact music and fabulous hair.

“Tonight at eleven, find out what is really in Chunky Monkey Ice Cream — Flavored Ice Cream and Chocolate…” But seriously, did you ever have that stuff? Oh man, do it! (And that is the real link this time, ha, sorry!)

Hopefully I’ll see everyone back here Friday, If not, have a great weekend… Eat more ice cream, it is good for you.

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