It’s OK To Lie in 05

I guess the holiday season is finally over and everyone across the nation is returning to work, school, or what is other wise known as the daily grind. Of course, if you are the type of person who can not function without knowing what holiday to look forward to next, well, V-Day is only what, 43 days away? So you better start your edible underwear and x-rated candy heart shopping early, as to avoid the V-Day rush. I think I’ll just look forward to my post Christmas credit card bill personally.

But anywho, I’d thought I kick off this new year right by beginning a new updating schedule here on Joelika dot com. My goal is to move updates to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so now you can get your “ika” fix with three times the intensity, or just three times more watered down. Who knows. I am pretty confident I can adhere to my crazy new schedule this month, and when my final semester of school starts, we’ll see what happens from there. So fire up your favorite browser and stop on by, we’ll have a good time. I promise!

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Christmas and got everything they’ve ever wanted (a shiny new pink iPod mini anyone?). I know for me personally it was a great time to get together with family, some old and some new friends, and of course gorge on tons and tons of ham. No doubt if Johnny Alien was there, he would have been severely eaten under the table, as he can only think of the Shorteez. But instead all I had for competition was Verbal Aggression and a couple of other amateurs who could by no means keep up with an eating professional such as myself. Sigh, when will they learn, once my teeth start their grinding motion, why, they set off a commotion. Honestly, I don’t even know what that means, but I put it out there, just for you.

I be back here Wednesday, hopefully not dead tired from counting thousands of items like I did today for inventory. Oh, what a horrible horrible word. One DA3V/WHT slip case, Wha ha ha . Two DA3V/WHT slip cases, Wha ha ha ha… and so it continued, for 15 more hours… and I finally reached the number four. Watch out, the Count’s going to get you!

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