PA Lemonade Ice, Baby

Nothing like some down right frigid weather to get you all geared up for the Holiday Season. That’s right, with it being a brisk 13 degrees outdoors and an absolute sweltering 60 degrees here in the Joelika dot com dungeon, I am already getting my jolly ho ho hos on. With only three days left to the C-Day, there isn’t much time to find that perfect present for the crazy blogger on your list. For everyone on my list, I figure I have plenty of time to join the midnight slaying of Christmas Capitalism Cheer as I sucker punch who ever stands in the way of me and the last iPod mini (who wants to be on my Christmas list now eh?).

So I imagine that for most people, school has already come to a close and you are basking in the sweet bliss of doing nothing, while letting your mommies tend to your every silly whim because they missed you like a skinny kid misses calories. Mommy, my pillow needs fluffed…. oh thanks, could you also hand me the remote, I can’t quite reach it.

For those of you still in school, well, it’s OK. Santa probably likes you more than your smelly older siblings anyway, because let’s face it, they’re losers. They’ll only start complaining in like 2 hours that there’s nothing to do in this boring town, then they’ll hog the computer and chat with their friends on AIM only after waking up at like 1. All while you still have to learn the Pythagorean Theorem and a bunch of other useless stuff you’ll never use in real life. I would go play more video games honestly… I wish I did! (A friendly public service announcement from

Oh, and I didn’t forget about you either Mr. Working Man and or Woman (because we have to be PC). If you are strictly a weekday warrior, not only will you get screwed out of a holiday this year, but next year as well since Christmas will be taking a conservative weekend outlook. So yeah, it seems as if Santa hates you the most and all you’re getting is lump of coal and not that pink iPod mini you’ve been asking for since President’s Day. But maybe it’s OK since your employer is nice and gave you a day off anyway… Boy, I wish I did… In fact, I have to work an extra day! How does that work? I guess I am just bitter.

Wow, such a positive spin on the holiday season! Ha! It must be the cold. Anywho, I thought I’d also update about the Albright Student Film and Video show that happened what, two weeks ago? Yeah. For those of you who showed up and supported Brad and my film, thanks! We really appreciate it. Over all, our film generated a very positive response and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I can’t say the same for the rest of the show. In fact, I kinda wanted to gouge out my eyes, but oh well. The Crouching Pigeons Gang will peck them in the face later. If you are curious about when you’ll see this latest creation, well, I should have it up here by the new year. There is only one minor change I want to make first, and it should be good to go. So thanks again for everyone who came out! For me, it is the most fun to see the audience’s reaction, so thanks.

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