I Can’t Feel My Eyes

It’s that time of year again folks. And no, I’m not talking about yule time cheer in dairy form, but I am talking about the end of the semester, a time with little sleep and way too much crap to do. I think it is pretty funny how everyone thinks they have the most due before the end of the semester. Oh, feel sorry for me, I have so much to do and no time to do it in. Well, I have news for you buddy… everyone has a whole crap load to do.. so you might as well stop crying about it before even your teddy bear wants to punch you in your face. But in case you were wondering, I do in fact have the most to do… way more than any of you other wanna be procrastinators. So there! Take that!

However, I do have one free moment to update about the upcoming Albright Student Film and Video show this Thursday. For all of you who are interested (and for those of you who aren’t), this semesters film show will be held Thursday, December 9th, at 7:30 PM in Klein Lecture Hall. A film by Brad and myself called the Birds of Prey will be shown, and hopefully it will inspire all of you to go back home and kick some tail… Reading Style. There will be many other films shown as well, so even if you mortally despise me, you can still come out and conceivably have a good time. So come support the film, or the Birds of Prey clan will peck your eyes out… And don’t think they won’t. They’re crazy like that.

Well, that’s all I got, and I wouldn’t expect an update on Friday either (sorry). Once things calm down next week, I should actually start to post here more frequently. Also, sometime in the next two weeks or so I will post the Birds of Prey movie for everyone to see. Until then, get some sleep. I know I sure want too.

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