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Oh man, only a couple of minutes to spare in order to meet the coveted Tuesday deadline. Huh? I could always just post later, then change the date to say Tuesday and no one would be the wiser? Well, that is a good point, but that would feel a little too much like cheating… and no one likes a cheater… unless they pay you pockets full of nickels to keep your mouth shut (Oooo, shinny!). But yeah, I guess the only way for you to truly know would be if you check back here like every second… and who doesn’t? Honestly.

In case you were wondering, I am finally back from my trek to Junianta County. All in all, the experience was OK, except for the whole waking up at 4 AM bit and freezing my kiester off outside. So why go? Good question. See, the reason I go in the first place is that it’s basically a super extended Thanksgiving spread out over like 3 or 4 days. All you do is sit around, eat massive amounts of food, and sleep. I am pretty sure I gained about 500 pounds to my already voluptuous hips. But then Monday rolls around… then it gets crappy. Waking up all early, sitting outside all day in the cold… now you know why we eat so much, to store up enough fat in my pelt to survive! So in short, I am glad to be back, back to mechanized heat and very loud metal music covered by Pat Boone.

There isn’t a whole lot going on right now. Well, actually, there is a ton, but nothing that you would want to hear about. It’s of course the end of the semester, so everything is going down right now. For those of you following the whole Kung Fu Film, editing is under way and will have to be done next week for the premiere. Yeah, I know. So next Thursday, come on out for that. I will post more information about that later. So other than that, check out the new renders that :::JFeverston::: did, including one killer render of good old El Salado. It is good to make you hungry for some doughy goodness. Until next time, keep on being awesome, you cool guy you!

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