I Love Turkey, How ’bout You?

Well, Friday’s update never saw the light of day. Sorry about that, but I got really caught up in the resurrection of the once mighty but still awesome pooper trooper. Who would have thought that something that sat in the woods for over a year and a half would have so many problems? I thought the woods would weave a warm and bulwarking cocoon that would envelope my trooper and turn it into a beautiful butterfly and all its problems would go away… Well, not quite, but after putting on a brand new exhaust system and lots of body putty, it’s out for inspection so hopefully the state will deem it safe to drive and I can rock the roads, Reading PA style.

Yes! Finally, the most magical days is almost upon us. No, I’m not talking about the special 6 to 11 savings at your local neighborhood Wal Mart, I am talking about that day when families gather to love, hate, and eventually pass out together. That’s right, I’m talking about turkey day: Thanksgiving. Veterans of maybe familiar with the little tradition that we having been having for years, you know, that little slice of heaven called the semiannual Thanksgiving Glutton Fest. Many have tried their luck in squaring off yours truly in a battle of the bellies, but few have succeeded in conquering this seductive gut.

Well, as much as you are looking forward to that report, unfortunately this year the contest will not be held. Why? Am I too much in shape? Did Johnny Alien finally succeed in getting his turkey portions substited with tofurkey enabling him to eat more than what is humanly possible? Perhaps, but here on planet earth, the real reason for the cancellation is that my family will not be making the journey to the sacred eat off battlefield. That, and well, after last year when I couldn’t even move for about five hours, I think this might be better for everyone. But next year, next year, I will be back, better then ever… 200 pounds of pure masticating domination….

Finally, a quick update with the Kung Fu movie that Brad and I are making for school. If you haven’t checked out the behind the scenes pictures, you totally should, they are a good read… er, look. But today, I finally got the film back from Pittsburgh. Debenham Media Group totally hooked us up with an awesome transfer, so look them up if you need some telecine done locally. We also recorded the chinese voice over and ADR (well, not really ADR) so all that is left is to edit this sucker and show it to the masses. So make sure you come out for the premiere on December 9th (talk about cutting it short!). It should be a good time, word.

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