Happy Voterween

OK, well, an update didn’t find its way to the hallowed pages that is Joelika dot com last Friday, but that’s OK. I think at that time, I was still planning on writing a whole political piece for the upcoming election, because I have a blog now, and that is what blogist do. But then I thought it over and I remembered just how much I hate politics and I couldn’t understand why I would force it on my three viewers (Joelika Triad of Literacy Assemble!). So consider yourself lucky that instead of getting all political in the hizzie, I instead dropped the hammer on some ice cream.

I did keep myself occupied even thought I didn’t update. And since it is Tuesday and Tuesdays has turned into site tech news day (since it has happened twice already, so it must be true), I have a fantastic announcement to make. I finished integrating Coppermine Gallery with phpbb, so the new gallery is active. What does that mean? Well, it means that each member of the forums will be able to post pictures in their own galleries that they can share with their grandmothers who just happened to love ebay and Joelika dot com. Please note that I have updated the Registration Agreement over at the forums to reflect the rules for posting images, so please read them (even if you have already registered… just don’t register a second time). Basically, I don’t want to stop by someday and find 50 pictures of me dancing like Ricky Martin Photoshoped into the official thong (you don’t even want that little gem floating around in your mind). By posting an image, it means you agree to the new terms, so just deal with it, because I am an evil dictator.

Oh! Now that the new gallery is up, I also posted the Behind The Scenes Pictures from Brad and my Kung Fu Movie. So you’ll have to take a look at the magic that goes on behind the camera. If that doesn’t excite you, well, you can use it to waste more time at work, which is always a good call.

I hope to get another update up this week, depending if I get all swamped with work again. You would think I, being an art major who makes giant pencil rockets out of plaster, wouldn’t have any real homework to contend… I wish. The bathing is optional, but the assignments are not. Sigh. Oh, and because I do have a blog, don’t forget to get out and vote today. If you don’t, P.Diddy will kill you. Playa.

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