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Title Shmitle

Oh man, only a couple of minutes to spare in order to meet the coveted Tuesday deadline. Huh? I could always just post later, then change the date to say Tuesday and no one would be the wiser? Well, that is a good point, but that would feel a little too much like cheating… and no one likes a cheater… unless they pay you pockets full of nickels to keep your mouth shut (Oooo, shinny!). But yeah, I guess the only way for you to truly know would be if you check back here like every second… and who doesn’t? Honestly.

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Gobble Gobble Giblets

I wanted to post an update the other day, but probably like many of you, I wasn’t able to shake off my turkey drunk Thanksgiving Day festivities until, well, right now. So now instead you get this super awesome Saturday update from Junianta County. That’s right, with the help of my GPRS enabled cell phone, this update is being brought to you from atop of some redneck mountain. So sit back, relax, and “get er done”.

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I Love Turkey, How ’bout You?

Well, Friday’s update never saw the light of day. Sorry about that, but I got really caught up in the resurrection of the once mighty but still awesome pooper trooper. Who would have thought that something that sat in the woods for over a year and a half would have so many problems? I thought the woods would weave a warm and bulwarking cocoon that would envelope my trooper and turn it into a beautiful butterfly and all its problems would go away… Well, not quite, but after putting on a brand new exhaust system and lots of body putty, it’s out for inspection so hopefully the state will deem it safe to drive and I can rock the roads, Reading PA style.

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I Smell Beans

Let’s do this thing! Yeah, so I kinda let the whole updating thing slip again. I know, I know. I have a responsibility of bringing the sunshine into your life each and everyday, but sometimes life gets a little crazy. And since this is now an official blog, I guess I am obligated to tell you all the deep and dark secrets that reside in my little candy valentine heart… Whoa, stay clear of that close button there buddy! I was only joking. Come on, I totally know you have more important things to do than that, and so do I… I just rather not do them.

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Happy Voterween

OK, well, an update didn’t find its way to the hallowed pages that is Joelika dot com last Friday, but that’s OK. I think at that time, I was still planning on writing a whole political piece for the upcoming election, because I have a blog now, and that is what blogist do. But then I thought it over and I remembered just how much I hate politics and I couldn’t understand why I would force it on my three viewers (Joelika Triad of Literacy Assemble!). So consider yourself lucky that instead of getting all political in the hizzie, I instead dropped the hammer on some ice cream.

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