Corporatetown, USA

Today was finally the day, the day that me and the rest of the big corporation loving sheep have been waiting for. Wait for it… Wait for the evil… Yes, evil has arrived in this kitchen! Of course, I am talking about the grand opening of Wal * Mart in my small little slice of PA. I for one am excited to see the impending slow and painful death of the local businesses that is sure to ensue. That includes you, Martin’s Country Market! Your locally own monopoly that has been gouging people for years can not compete with Wal * Mart’s own masochistic love of undercutting its very own prices!

So you totally know I went to the grand opening, and let me tell you, it looked like every other Wal * Mart I’ve ever been to. You’ve gotta give it up for corporate America making us feel safe and secure by giving us consistency. So yeah, it was pretty much boring. I don’t even know why I am talking about it honestly.

In other news, I would like to extend a big thanks to everyone who came out and helped Brad and myself finish principle photography on our little Kung Fu movie. We got everything shot, which even amazes me! The film has been sent off for processing, so hopefully I can begin to edit soon. Probably in the next week, I will be posting some behind the scenes pictures that were taken, to wet your curiosity so to speak. Well, actually, they are already up, just in a new feature that isn’t available yet.

What in the harry rabbits bombossity am I talking about? Well, let me start from the beginning. I’ve been using a media management system for some time with the whole Postcard section, and when I did the relaunch of the site, I also used the same section to manage my movies. Unfortunately, the system I am using is pretty dated. I picked it up back in its heyday, when Perl was still the coolest and all the real geeks were using PHP. However, now the company that made my current system (Image Arcadia, for those of you who’ve never checked it out) is no longer around (well, they did release it under an open source project, but they haven’t done crap so that is besides the point), so I started to look for something better. I had tooled around before with Coppermine Gallery, and I thought it was pretty neat, but it didn’t handle any other type of media other than still images. Thankfully, since version 1.3 they’ve added support for more media, including QuickTime and Flash. So I am going to switch over to that hopefully in a week or two.

So why am I telling you all of this and making you incredibly bored? Well, it just so happens that Coppermine can be integrated with phpbb (the board that I use… go there and post sucka!), so when it is up, all registered members will get to have their own little space for uploading pictures and the like. I haven’t decided on if I am going to let people have public galleries yet or even how much space, but I should be working that all out soon. So that is something to look forward to and become excited about… I guess, if you are into that sort of thing. Roll Back!

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